Breguet (BREGUET): interpretation of ancient and modern legend of a long history

As a representative of the Swiss watch a long history, Breguet witnessed Europe two centuries through the ever-changing. Founder of Mr. Abraham - Louis Breguet to breakthrough innovation, in the brand shortly after the establishment of more than ten years to create a far-reaching impact on the advanced tabulation a number of great inventions. After more than two centuries of development history, today, Breguet attached to its peak level of invention and innovation, immersed in the long history of European civilization in the long-lasting aesthetic memory, has always stood in the high watchmaking industry to high , Will be innovative and elegant slowly inheritance. Since the 18th century, the royal family members and outstanding figures in various fields has become a loyal supporter of Breguet, its favor with. Many of the time is born in this period of time, and these works and its owners, but also left a lot of traces of the tragic story passed down. Breguet (BREGUET): interpretation of ancient and modern legend of a long history Mr Abraham - Louis Breguet Breguet (BREGUET): interpretation of ancient and modern legend of a long history For the guests to prepare the site gifts By the end of 2016, Breguet Relay in January the same year in Geneva, "Breguet, and the great peer" theme exhibition in China for a period of two months, touching the four major cities of the tour to Breguet distinguished patrons as the main line, Breguet back The Legend of the Past. Following the Beijing, Shenyang, Hangzhou three city tour successfully ended, December 17 to 25, Breguet China tour the fourth station is the last stop to Shanghai's most rich cultural heritage of one of the Breguet Shanghai Xintiandi Langting boutique, and strive for the majority of Chinese replica rolex watches lovers to provide elegant high-end shopping environment and high-quality audio-visual feast. And the theme exhibition debut at the same time for the first time there are a variety of new 2016 launched the watch Pierre. The four celebrities are Queen Marie Antoinette, French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Naples Caroline Murat, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, each in the treasure Chi's history has left a traces of heavy and heavy colors. Exhibition in the form of interactive books about Breguet history, four important celebrity patrons and Breguet inextricably handed down the story, the legendary figure in the Breguet history left by the deep mark. Brand founder Abraham - Louis Breguet's virtual stature in the center of the exhibition area to meet the arrival of each watch enthusiasts in the exhibition area, the earthen erected four interactive books, four distinguished patrons and treasure Ji's legendary books are used as the carrier in the past one by one display. The cover of the book is painted with the contours of the patrons. The inside pages show the life of the legend in the form of words and pictures. The interactive experience device allows the guests to experience the time and space changes through history, rich in depth and interest. . Breguet (BREGUET): interpretation of ancient and modern legend of a long history Activity site Queen Mary Antoinette with the top complex pocket watch In 1783, a mysterious admirer to Breguet Watches Bank Square ordered a luxury, blend of the essence of science and watch the clock as a gift to the Queen. The contract stipulates that each component should be replaced by gold as much as possible to other metals, pocket watch functions should be complex and diverse, but did not provide the completion time and amount of cap. Until 1827, this set of complex functions of the culmination of the time was able to complete, this time from the Queen's death has been 34 years. This named "Mary Antoinette" Breguet No.160 pocket fake rolex watches since 1783 has become the myth of the watch industry. Two centuries, this timepieces sophisticated complex structure, as well as the legendary historical origins, has been lingering in the minds of watchmakers and collectors. In 2004, Mr. Nicholas Hayek led the re-engraved the legendary time, reproduce the master style. Re-engraved Marie Antoinette pocket watch with time, carved, sub-three timekeeping function, is a self-winding watch, equipped with power reserve display and bimetallic temperature display, using a unique set of automatic escapement Device, a gold spiral balance spring and a bi-metal balance wheel, as well as an invention Breguet - double shock shock mechanism, can be described as a fusion of exquisite work of art. The famous portraits of Queen Rose and the Palace of Versailles, one of the five palaces in the world, will bring watch lovers into the spectacular and artistic charm of the French royal family and immerse themselves in Breguet 19 Century clock masterpiece at the same time, also quietly recalled its long history of watchmaking culture. Breguet (BREGUET): interpretation of ancient and modern legend of a long history Queen Mary Antoinette Napoleon with the first two moon phases travel clock In 1796, as a loyal Breguet fans, the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte before the expedition to Egypt, to buy a Breguet travel clock, this number is No. 178 travel clock with a calendar and play spring function, Four sides of the glass cover, silver dial with a large phase above the display window, bronze bell shell decorated with Doric decorative columns, sophisticated and elegant technology. In addition to considering the need to use the expedition in the way of strong, reliable reason for the clock, but also a symbol of power and status considerations. This is the history of the first with time and date display of two asked travel clock, expensive, Napoleon Breguet timepiece enough to reflect. In fact, Napoleon where Bonaparte family is Breguet's big buyers, bought a total of 19 Breguet table. In addition to introducing the story of Napoleon and Breguet in the book pages of the exhibition, it also shows the famous travel clock with a blinds effect, making the history vivid and close to the distance between the historical celebrities and the exhibitors. Breguet (BREGUET): interpretation of ancient and modern legend of a long history French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte Queen of Naples with the first watch As the first one of the replica watches uk subscribers, Naples Queen Caroline Murat and Breguet's story had to mention. In 1810, she custom-made to Mr. Breguet two very special timepieces, one of which is a "bracelet-style oval asked form", which in the nineteenth century is an epoch-making design. And Mr. Breguet with its many years of accumulation in the field of watches and extraordinary imagination, to create this piece of a breakthrough timepiece, which is clearly the first record since the history of the watch. This timepiece a total of 17 remember the name of the person into production, and must be divided into 34 part of the production, until December 21, 1812 Mr. Breguet to deliver the finished product, the blood can be seen. In this exhibition, Queen Caroline's original manuscript and queen I have photos are exhibited, even more amazing is that Caroline Queen book pages equipped with induction glass device, the guests can change the cover by touching the glass cover Color, each color will be associated with the following important date, respectively, 1810 - 1811 - 1812 - 2002, more intuitive for guests to show an important node in history. In 2002, Breguet to pay tribute to the Queen of Naples, to create a series of Queen of Naples, Breguet watch series as a representative of the noble and elegant. Breguet (BREGUET): interpretation of ancient and modern legend of a long history Queen of Naples Carolyn Murat Churchill and his life with Breguet No.765 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was in 1928 to visit Breguet to buy watches, and a number is No.765 Breguet watch is accompanied by his life. This extraordinary chronograph is equipped with three times to ask the time and return to second-hand function. Churchill has repeatedly sent it back to Breguet maintenance, its love is self-evident. As a great statesman and orator, Churchill's political talents were obvious to all. The book will feature Churchill's manuscripts and audio presentations. Interestingly, the radio was inlaid in the book, the guests simply press the corresponding button to hear Churchill's great speech, feel the momentum of political leaders and stalwart of vigorous mind. Breguet (BREGUET): interpretation of ancient and modern legend of a long history British Prime Minister Winston Churchill As the founder of Breguet, Mr. Abraham - Louis Breguet for its immortal soul into the birth of Breguet opened the watch industry miracle chapter. For more than two centuries, watchmakers around the world have been talking about the Breguet timepieces, its groundbreaking innovations, the principles of aesthetic adherence, the classic elements of design retained by the classical feelings are all the world The favorite. Breguet's watchmaking technology and its never-ending innovation and creativity continue to push forward the high-end watch industry. After the passage of time and test, Breguet became a witness and pioneer of time, in the silent minutes and seconds to accumulate the next miracle.