If I do not say, you do not know this is a smart watch - Fossil Q Nate smart complex watch evaluation

Over the past two years, with the rise of smart watches for everyone's life has brought more different experiences, I have been very firmly believe that the future smart wrist device will to some extent replace the traditional tabulation industry, especially in the low-end impact Market and emerging populations. Now a lot of young people have been as concerned about Apple's mobile phone as a smart swiss replica watches. But Apple watches as a typical representative of the current hinder its rapid development of one of the reasons is the battery life, always unsatisfactory, with the phone with the charge with different people will not be satisfied with the watch less than 20 hours of battery life. This is Xiaobian I do not intend to buy one of the reasons. But more people choose to compromise. But today we have to say Fossil Q smart complex watch official commitment to the standby time in 4-6 months or so, is four to six months so long, which allows us to ignore the smart watches life of the most fundamental problem . \ Fossil Q smart complex watch is just released this year, is currently the market retail price of 1900-2050RMB, this watch is different from the general watches smart watches, you look no difference with the traditional dial, in other words it is a Only the integration of the appearance of traditional watches, does give you the experience of smart watches, and solve the life problems. \ This rough atmospheric watch makes you look at a military watches style, black matte sense of integration of steel case with dark brown leather strap, strap is very thick, slightly wider. Dial with the same color as the matte black case, dark gray black scale with 3.9.12 points Arabic numerals, the remaining point is the stick-shaped time scale, six-point for the small seconds, this small second disc is different from the traditional mechanical watch Of the small three-pin, its role is to indicate the function. Another part of the crown with the traditional chronograph exactly the same button, of course, is not used as the timing, only a little with the completion of all the intelligent function settings can be completed. Feature set is relatively simple, very easy to use. Fossil Q smart complex watch does not use sapphire crystal glass, but waterproof to 50 meters, 50 meters for the average user can say is enough, you can rest assured that he took a shower or swimming, but I do not recommend You really take him to the shower, because the steam or the uk replica watches will have a destructive effect, especially for leather is not a good thing. Fossil Q intelligent composite watch diameter reached 50mm, small series of wrist are more slim that type, basically more than 46mm watch already appears huge, so for this watches is not appropriate, but I believe the wrist reached 18cm and above the user, with up to pull the boom, it is pulling boom, it is pulling the boom, the importance must be stressed three times. Written here, we may be too long-winded, right? So good smart watches, you can not say what the function? This is coming! First of all, compared to other common smart watches, I said this is a traditional appearance of the smart watches, that is not a change in the dial display effect of the smart watches, yes, Fossil Q does not provide this function, in fact, Because this is not a smart watches electronic display dial to achieve the effect of real ones, in other words, is the effect of the show is not pull H, not handsome! But this is enough, this is my conscience. Other features I am here to tell you, built-in Bluetooth ™ technology allows you to easily through the Fossil Q APP and mobile phone connected, when the needle, minute hands and small dial pointer movement or case shock, you can receive a smart phone notification to help you complete Daily fitness goals. You can also set alarms, view 24-hour clock time, complete timekeeping in multiple time zones, and track various parameters from steps, calories, and sleep time. Press the button below the watch to easily take pictures, in addition, Fossil Q App also has a music player control control, can help you find your phone immediately. Replaceable strap design allows you to easily dress style. Having said that, are you interested? My answer is in the affirmative. Fossil Q can be free to replace the strap, you do not need any tools, only the back of the strap and the lug at the junction of the pulling organs, strap can be removed, the usual sense of the leather belt needs to be replaced once a year, I think this Point is particularly good, in fact, wild and wild black dial, accompanied by a variety of color belt to achieve the purpose of refreshing eye-catching. Think are very excited! In addition, when you need to replace the battery, you only need a coin to get, up and down for 30 seconds. \ Wearing a smart replica watches, but completely without charging equipment, great! Also crown part of the middle button on both sides of the bridge protection increased, so the advantage is to prevent misuse caused by misuse. The Fossil brand also features a black stainless steel strap male and two female dial colors (white and gold) and two belt colors (light brown and dark blue). We only got one of the female form, diameter of 40mm, the proposed retail price: 1900RMB, compared to the lack of male 24-hour display, for women, remove the 24-hour dial will make the dial look more simple, beautiful Is right, it is worth mentioning that women's watches strap is very soft, the first time to wear fully fit the wrist, the watches is also dealing with some of the ears in place, fully understand that this is a 40mm diameter wrist watches. In the female wrist is full but not unexpected. When you first connect with the watch through the phone need to download Fossil Q APP, registered users can later through Bluetooth and mobile communication. All of your steps and sleep conditions can be viewed through the APP, very convenient. I like that very much. The other is all the features set up, you can watch the middle of the button through the crown query on the watch is very intuitive and easy to read, in short, should be displayed on the phone are completed on the phone should not See on the phone, you can access directly on the dial, user-friendly to consider very fully. Because Fossil Q took the hands of the time is relatively short, we do not have time to do further wear experience and wear test. Therefore, we will continue to focus on the daily use of its daily use, such as the black case of wear and tear, tempered glass wear is worth noting, of course, Fossil Q also has some worthy of improvement, such as improving night readability, Male dial can be reduced 2-4mm or so to meet all the men's wrist. Long time of 4-6 months battery life, to solve the problem of frequent charging; support the movement step to meet the needs of the movement; the same time, Support to receive mobile phone alerts, convenient and practical; support multiple time zone settings. We look forward to the future Fossil Q more subversive works available.