NASA documents reveal the story behind the Omega Speedmaster moon landing (Part II)

Ed White, the first American outside the spacecraft, June 3, 1965 Description: NASA refused to call the so-called patriotic pressure, to use the US brand Po Wah watches, Omega Speedmaster watches in the subsequent NASA Moon journey benefited. Not all watches can survive this hardship. In a letter dated 1 March 1965, the Vice-Chairman of the Commission on Human Space reported the results of the experiment: "A) The Rolex-relative humidity test was stopped twice and failed in the subsequent high-temperature test because the second hand was churned and the other pointer was stuck on the dial, so the uk replica watches did not undergo further tests. B) Longines Wittnauer - glass bending, high temperature test when separated. The same thing happened during the decompression test on the Longines Wittnauer watch. Longines Wittnauer chronograph no further tests. C) Omega - 22 minutes faster in the decompression test and 15 minutes slower in the accelerated test. The luminescent material on the dial was destroyed during the test. In general, the Omega timing achieved satisfactory results for all tests. " NASA documents reveal the story behind the Omega Speedmaster moon landing (Part II) A) Rolex, b) Longines, c) Omega. (Source: NASA) NASA therefore recommends Omega, because Omega has "higher accuracy, reliability, readability and ease of use." Astronauts Walter Scylla and Gordon Cooper Leroy have made the same choice in private, 1962 Mercury spacecraft sailing, they at their own expense to buy Omega Speedmaster rolex replica watches use (but the first piece into the outer space of the watch , Is the Soviet astronaut Alexei Leonov: March 18, 1965, he was outside the outer spacecraft stroll in the first person). However, NASA engineers advised the Subaru to make some improvements: the bezel should be changed to a rotating 24-hour ring (just like the Rolex GMT). In addition, the auxiliary dial is equipped with a light-emitting marker. NASA documents reveal the story behind the Omega Speedmaster moon landing (Part II) Recommendation: "Immediately" buy five standard Omega chronograph. (Source: NASA) Helmut A. Kuehnel after the NASA test is completed, the proposed "immediate" to buy five Omega chronograph, and proposed amendments to the standard model. But the plan can not keep pace. March 23, 1965, only 5 days after the Soviet Union, the Gemini spacecraft into space --- astronauts Virgil Gleason and John Young, and are equipped with a super-Pa. The only change in the standard mode is the long Velcro: therefore, it can be quickly worn outside the sleeves of thick astronauts. NASA documents reveal the story behind the Omega Speedmaster moon landing (Part II) Virgil Gleason (left) and John Young, 1965 (Source: NASA) Omega Speedmaster (above) to get started again --- Gemini IV's next mission, Ed White adventure in June 3, 1965, spacecraft from spacecraft to walk 20 minutes. After these tests, Omega in 1966 to the dial on the model "Speedmaster", an increase of the word "professional." In view of the severe test of its experience, the watch known as a professional is not an exaggeration. At the same time crowns and chronograph buttons are on the right side with flank protection: this is the first time Superstar has a typical asymmetrical form case (still in existence today). Which continues to tick the strong Lemania 321 manual winding movement. NASA documents reveal the story behind the replica watches uk Speedmaster moon landing (Part II) Omega Speedmaster ST105.012 1966, with asymmetrical case. Shortly thereafter, the United States Po Road, NASA urged NASA to use their own national watch. According to the protectionism of the "Buy American Products Act" pointed out that the United States should give priority to products. NASA relevant responsible Donald K. Thunderton rejected the proposal directly from the September 26, 1967 memo we can see: Omega chronograph is "manned space flight," the only accepted watch, is the " All test flight qualifications are passed "the watch. Wearing any other brand of watch, there are "unaccepwatches" expected cost. NASA documents reveal the story behind the Omega Speedmaster moon landing (Part II) September 26, 1967 Memorandum by NASA Administrator Donald K. Thunderton (Source: NASA) Apollo 11 flight breakthrough: Neil Armstrong in July 21, 1969 as the first human on the moon, but did not wear his Omega, he put the watch on the spacecraft "eagle" on the. 15 minutes after Aldrin out of spacecraft - while wearing Omega Speedmaster watch, which is worn on the moon's first watch. NASA documents reveal the story behind the Omega Speedmaster moon landing (Part II) Bartz Aldrin on the moon, July 21, 1969 Omega of the right wrist. (Source: NASA) 1969 Supermodel again slightly modified, this is not the appearance, but inside: Omega movement Lemania 321 movement was replaced by a more high-frequency movement 861 (essentially Lemania 1873 movement), vibration frequency from 18 000vph rose to 21 600vph, or manual winding, power reserve enough for 38 hours. In addition to the official NASA watch Omega Speedmaster, the number of astronauts also contributed their own private watches. For example, astronaut Jack Swegert, in April 1970, the famous Apollo 13 mission, he wore his own Rolex GMT (No. 1675). Spacecraft halfway explosion, the moon mission can not be completed only emergency return. On the way back, the Omega Speedmaster was a key tool for calculating the timing of re-entering the Earth's atmosphere - and Omega subsequently won the Snoopy Award for NASA's particularly valuable service. Next, Apollo 14 succeeded in the February 5, 1971 moon. One of the astronauts, lunar module driver Edgar Michtell, according to some sources, apparently wore his personal Rolex GMT (number 1675) throughout the operation. These watches have a second time zone display, but without the chronograph function, it certainly will not be eligible to be selected as an official NASA timepiece. NASA documents reveal the story behind the Omega Speedmaster moon landing (Part II) The 1968 Omega Speedmaster ST145.022 At the urging of Po Road, and because of political pressure in Congress, in 1972 NASA again selected space watches, Po Road, Breitling, Rolex, Seiko, Omega and other time watches to participate in all test procedures. Po Road, China failed to pass the humidity test, and accelerated testing. Omega Speedmaster once again become the only test through all the time watches, it is still the official NASA space watches continues today. Some models of the Super Speed ​​auction today to achieve a very high value. December 15, Christie's auction in New York auctioned an Omega Speedmaster, allegedly involved in the Apollo 17 (December 1972) flight. The final price was $ 245,000.